Acid Red 1

Acid Red 1 belongs to non-metal groups of Acid Dyes. Also known as Rhodine E-2GL. Click on more details for further information.

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Acid Red 1 belongs to non-metal groups of Acid Dyes.


Acid Red 1 is also known by following names:

  1. Rhodine E – 2 GL


Application Details: Used on nylon, wool, silk and blends. It is an environment friendly product.


Physical Properties:

Appearance:  Brownish red powder


Chemical Properties:

Solubility                      : 80 gpl. passing time 25 sec

Light Fastness             : 5 - 6

Washing Fastness       : 3

Highest strength of crude: 20%



Volume                         : 10ltr/kg of crude during synthesis

pH                                : 6.2

Color                            : Bright bluish red

TDS                              : 25% 

COD                             : 4500 – 6000


Vessel and machinery requirements:

MSRLBL vessel

Temperature variance: from 0 deg c up to 70 deg c


Risk Factor:

Refer to guideline provided along with the manufacturing process.


Duration of Completion  : 24 hrs.

Last revised on                : July 2012

Accuracy                           : 95%



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