1.   How can I register on www.Takeawayprocess.com?

It is free to register on Takeawayprocess.com. It is one-time registration process with life long validity

-Click on Log in (next to “Welcome” on top right of the screen)

-Under create your account, enter your email address and click create new account

-Fill up your personal details

-Click register to confirm

Now you can log in, using your email as username

2.     How to download free e-books?

It is mandatory to register on our website, In order to purchase/download product(s).

- Login using your username and password

- Click on add to cart for the product(s) you wish to purchase/download.

- Click on Check out and proceed

- You will receive email along with the e-book as attachment.


3.     Can I request e-book not listed on the website?

Yes, we thrive to fulfil all requests made by our members. Once the e-book is available on the website, you will receive an email for the same.


4.     How can I make the payments?

You can use your credit/debit card to make the payment for the purchase. Our website will guide you through the payment process including creating an account with PayPal.


5.     How secure is the payment process?

All payment made by our members are handled by PayPal.com, We DO NOT hold or have access to any of your financial details entered during the payment process


6.     Am I entitled for a discount?

All members wishing to purchase product(s) above USD 100.00 are entitled to 20% discount. You need to request your personalised discount code from us before making the purchase


7.     What is our refund policy?

Since there are variety of products, we request our members to read the terms and conditions before you make the purchase/download



In Demand Items are:


  • Acid Red 45
  • Acid brown 402
  • Brown 11 (P6R)
  • Reactive Black 23R

If you have any of this InDemand items then you can sell now to us.






Recent processes submitted by members:

(verified and updated version)

1) Acid blue 158

2) Reactive Black GRP



Resources :


  1. Chemblink
  2. Chemicalland21.com
  3. Color Index
  4. Chemnet
  5. ChemIndex
  6. ChemIndustry
  7. ChemicalWeekly



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