Direct Blue 15

Recently reviewed, cost effective and quality assured version to manufacture direct blue 15. Also known as Nippon Direct Sky Blue, Atul Direct Sky Blue, Naphtamine Blue 10G...

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Direct blue 15 belongs to Non-metal azo group of Direct Dyes


Direct blue 15 is also known by following names:


1.      Kayaku Direct Sky Blue 5B

2.      Naphtamine Blue 10G

3.      NCI C61290

4.      Niagara Blue 4B

5.      Nippon Direct Sky Blue

6.      Atlantic Sky Blue A

7.      Atul Direct Sky Blue

8.      Aizen Direct Sky Blue 5B

9.      Benzanil Sky Blue

10.   Cartasol Blue 2GF

11.   Chrome Leather Pure Blue

12.   Diacotton Sky Blue 5B

13.   Diamine Sky Bl



Application Details: Used on silk, wool, viscose, leather, paper, cellulose fibres.


Physical Properties:

Appearance:  Deep purple to dark blue microcrystalline powder


Chemical Properties:

Solubility                       : 80 gpl. /30 seconds

Light Fastness             : 1

Washing Fastness     : 2-3

Highest strength of crude: 125%

Discharge ability        : Good



Volume                         : 11ltr/kg of crude during synthesis

pH                                : 6.5 -7.5

Color                            : Reddish Blue

TDS                               : 17%

COD                              : 7000 -10000 mg/ltr


Vessel and machinery requirements:

MSRLBL: Closed type with bottom dish end for SYNTHESIS


Filter press and Boiler

Temperature variance: from 0 deg c up to 80 deg c


Risk Factor:

Refer to guideline provided along with the manufacturing process.


Duration of Completion  : 30 hrs.

Last revised on                : August 2013

Accuracy                           : 98%


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