Direct Black 22

Temperature Controllable Dyes... also known as      Black NAR H/C, Supra Black VSF,   Black FGE,   Fast Black B160, Black BG,   Fast Nevel VSF,   Black B etc

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Direct Black 22 belong to “Temperature Controllable Dyes”.


Dyeing Method: Temperature must be kept low without addition of salt. Raise the temperature to boil very slowly and continue dyeing for 60 min.  It has high temperature stability approx. 120 -130 oc in bath without disperse dyes.


Direct Black 22 is also known by following names:

1.       Black NAR H/C  

2.       Supra Black VSF

3.       Black FGE

4.       Fast Black B160

5.       Black BG

6.       Fast Nevel VSF

7.       Black B


Application Details: Used on cotton.


Physical Properties:

Appearance:  Dark jet black powder


Chemical Properties:

Solubility                       : 30 gpl 20 sec (1600 % std )

                                         (Higher solubility in weaker standard)

Light Fastness             : 3-4  

Washing Alt                 : 4

W /o                             : 4-5 test method ( SLTC)

Highest strength of crude: 2150% standard



Volume                            : 9ltr/kg of crude during synthesis

pH                                   : 8.8

Color                               : Light brown

TDS                                 : 6 -8 % Salt

COD                                : 1500 -2000 mg /ltr


Vessel and machinery requirements:

MSRLBL: Closed type with bottom dish end for SYNTHESIS

Temperature variance: from 0  deg c up to 40 deg c

No compulsion for Boiler


Risk Factor:

Refer to guideline provided along with the manufacturing process.


Duration of Completion  : 12 hrs.


Last revised on                    : November 2010

Special Feature                    :Highest solubility in higher standard and low effluent COD load resulting best yield.

Accuracy                               : 98%

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