Acid Red 266

Glass line vessel is required to manufacture this product.

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Acid Red 266 belongs to non-metal groups of Acid Dyes.


Acid Red 266 also known by following names:

1.       Red E-BM

2.       Red A2B 100%


Application Details: Nylon, polyamide and carpets


Physical Properties:

Appearance:  Bright Red powder


Chemical Properties:

Solubility                      : 25gpl / 26 sec

Washing                      : 5

Perspiration                 : 5

Discharge ability          : Unsuitable for discharge



Volume                          : 45ltr/kg of crude during synthesis

pH                                 : 9.3

Color                             : Bright Red

TDS                               : 8%                

COD                              : 5000


Vessel and machinery requirements:

Glass line vessels are compulsion

Temperature variance: from 3 deg c up to 75 deg c



Risk Factor:

Refer to guideline provided along with the manufacturing process.


Duration of Completion  :

Last revised on                    : September 2009

Accuracy                               : 99%

Pages                                   : 35 hours


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